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Cosmic transhumanist comic
This fantastic transhumanist comic series was shared on the discord the other day. Here’s the authors free collection, the comic in question is the Aphelion series.

The art work is top notch, with advanced technology blending synthetic and biological. There are cosmic entities, mind bending experiences, and exotic beings.

No spoilers for the plot, but I’ll mention some well presented ideas that festure. Cosmic superintelligences, hive minds, mind uploading, AI, and probably the most fascinating idea: enhanced minds, by nature of being more complex, are more susceptible to mental malfunction and disease.

Hyperturings in the setting have a cognitive half-life that ensures they will slowly accumulate errors until they reach a state of self destructive insanity (obviously being a danger to those around also). Whether this is an unavoidable fate or if the spawn of humankind just haven’t found cures fast enough, is left for the reader to consider.

I think there are some great ideas here that could provide inspiration for OA. If anyone reads and likes it the authors tumbler blog shows progress towards the next volume, and the author occasionally answers worldbuilding questions.
OA Wish list:
  1. DNI
  2. Internal medical system
  3. A dormbot, because domestic chores suck!
Turbofanatic has been making so many cool designs for years on deviantart as well as their blog

So amazing
Fairly minor, but the design of the robot in this comic

was inspired by this little sketch of Turbofanatic

Their sense of design is so fantastic
biomechanical tilt-rotor aeroplanes .... because they work/worked in aerospace as a career during the day...

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