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All Tomorrows by C. M. Koseman
This vividly imaginative ebook was first published online in 2006, but exploded in popularity just two months ago with the release of a Youtube summary.

All Tomorrows

Youtube Narration

It deals with the evolution of humanity over hundreds of millions of years into the future - most of which is forced by alien invaders and, eventually, other posthumans.

The story leans very close to hard SF.  Interstellar travel is seen as a slow and arduous process.  Wormholes and hyperdrives are only made explicit hundreds of millions of years into the future; although some kind of FTL communication seems to be implied relatively early on.

Despite the much longer timescales, All Tomorrows seems to share OA's hard SF parameters and overall posthuman genetic weirdness.  Highly recommended.
I read this a number of years ago and really enjoyed it Smile It's very art focused so it was unclear exactly when FTL is introduced, and how it works. IIRC the story spans millions of years without it before suddenly it exists.

My first reaction reading it was "it's odd that the advanced races don't practice somatic engineering", as all of them retain roughly the same bodyplan for millions of years. But heterogeneous morphologies would undercut some of the aesthetic, so it's not really an issue.
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Oh that's why there's suddenly a big fan community around this! Great little art book that CM kosemen made. It really shows off the diversity of posthuman forms even if kosemen chose alien intervention and then evolutionary pressures as the justification to create the various forms.
Fantastic body horror and sense of deep time
Definitely liked the art focus. I'd looked around the internet at one point recently and apparently there's hundreds of people making fan art of it and Man After Man by Dougal Dixon now- which is great...but also sometimes unnerving.
His alien speculative-evolution project Snaiad is really cool too:

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