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Red Antelope: non-OA fiction
selden Wrote:It seems to me that it would be possible to approximately locate the Antelopes’ home world from the distribution and ages of the stations: The older ones would be closer to it. Perhaps a brief mention of this and its implications might be reasonable. E.g how far it might be to spinward from Human Space, etc. (If they had no FTL, then it has to be less than 15 KLY from Ross 128, probably much less.)

Accumulated radiation damage might provide another age estimate, although perhaps with larger error bars due to how unpredictable flares are. There’s also the question of what kinds of stars they preferred, presumably red dwarfs, but quieter ones seem likely, with implications for the stations’ detectability.

That's a really good point that I actually hadn't considered. Luckily it isn't too much of a worry for me as the author -- humanity has only spread out through a volume about a thousand lightyears in radius by the 3600s, so they aren't about to find the Antelopes' homeworld and ruin all of my hard-earned mystique, haha. That said, it might be an interesting avenue for future writing about them.

I definitely imagined the Antelopes as being a sort of... cluster civilisation? That they may have settled a few different parts of the Galaxy at extreme long range, forming little bubbles of activity. But that's just a passing thought.

Thanks for the read Smile
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