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My new book "Futurist spaceflight meditations"
My new book "Futurist spaceflight meditations" is published

My new book "Futurist spaceflight meditations" is available for readers to buy on Amazon (Kindle | paperback).

Of course Orion's Arm is mentioned and praised.

This book goes from here and now to the far future and the stars. But it is a very short book of about 27,000 words, about 100 pages in print.

Chapter titles: 1 Introduction; 2 Political preamble; 3 Lockdown; 4 Spaceflight now; 5 Spaceship Earth; 6 Cultural reflections; 7 Interplanetary; 8 Interstellar; 9 Cosmic engineers.

Thesis: We must strenuously push toward our cosmic destiny among the stars. Beginning to expand beyond the Earth before it’s too late is our most important task at this moment in history. Many actors have important roles to play, and there’s room for everyone. Spaceflight will also help find viable solutions for current developmental, environmental, and social problems.

But the road to the stars is full of impediments and roadblocks. We will not advance as fast as we wish. Therefore we must keep our mood strenuous and our drive strong. We need an optimistic spaceflight culture oriented to the future, with energizing visions of interplanetary, interstellar, and cosmic futures. We also need a futurist space philosophy.

I'll present the book at the Space Renaissance 2021 Congress on June 29 and the 2021 Terasem Space Day on July 20.
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Congratulations Giulio!

I've just purchased the Kindle edition.
(06-17-2021, 01:03 PM)DarrenRyding Wrote: Congratulations Giulio!

I've just purchased the Kindle edition.

Thanks! Please post a review on Amazon if you like my book.
I now have reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.



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