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Stories that "Predicted" eBooks and Flash Drives
(05-19-2021, 07:12 AM)Vitto Wrote: I guess that with AIs you also have to overcome the problem that they can read/analyze their own mind/software and change it at will, so the code for any backdoor must be extremely discreet and is always at risk to be deletet/changed.

What makes you think that an AI would be able to do any of these things simply by being an AI?

Please explain your reasoning.


Here’s a pre-Clarke ebook.

In the movie Forbidden Planet, the Krell recorded their music into medicine-capsule-sized cylinders. The George Pal Time Machine film has “talking rings” information storage.
Thank you for introducing me to, JohnnyYesterday.  Just what I needed - another addictive website to get lost in for hours!  I knew that Stanislaw Lem was brilliant (I've read Solaris), but I didn't know he was that brilliant.  I'll have to read The Cyberiad and Return From the Stars when I get the time.

And I'll have to check out Forbidden Planet and The Time Machine (1960) again, because it has been decades since I last watched these classics.

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