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Hi, all!
Thanks for having me! Longtime reader here and hopeful contributor, provided my writing is skillful enough and my knowledge of the canon comprehensive enough (I think I'm set on the latter, lol).

A bit of background on me, for any who care to know it: I've been enamored with all things astronomical since I was first given a beautiful picture book on nebulae by my father when I was a child, and I've been equally enraptured by science fiction since I first played Halo right when it came out. That's when I discovered my endless fascination with megastructures and started designing my own, naive as they were (i was around 10 or 11 when Halo first hit the shelves). Since then I've read many of the quintessentials of hard sci-fi, from Niven's many works onto Stephen Baxter's wonderfully complex universe of dizzying proportions. 

As mentioned before, it would be a tremendous honor for me to contribute to the project, something that I've studied in awe for years now. The project allowed me to appreciate just how rich and complex a community or collective driven writing project can truly be, provided there's a rigorous dedication to internal consistency. 

I'm rambling so I'll just cut myself off here and say thanks again for any who'd welcome me here on these forums and amongst the many luminaries of this project! 

(On a final note, I had an hour to kill so I zipped through "Yes Jolonah, there is a hell" and I have to just, that was exquisitely well written. It was so enthralling that I didn't put my tablet down save for one or two times!)

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