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How Often Do Humans Legitimately Win?
Right. Absolutely the definition of "insane risk." Sending in a disposable body would be sane, and as easy for an archai as getting the bear photo with photoshop would have been for our darwin-award candidate. But no... the exact situation of physical risk by close proximity isn't anything like the form archai-vs-modo stupidity would take. It's a form that modo-vs-animal stupidity has taken, and at best an analogy.

I don't think very many higher-toposophic entities (even S:1 entities) even exist in single embodiments, so it's ridiculous to consider it as an exact situation. The analogous act for an archai might be something like provoking an interplanetary war between nuclear-armed modos while it had primary consciousness somewhere within a lightyear that could be affected by EMP if somebody should happen to detonate a nuke there, far from the anticipated conflict zone. That would be profoundly stupid, or even insane, by archai standards. It would be done deliberately, for .... reasons .... and it would be profoundly aberrant behavior by archai standards.

Maybe a few of them like running nodes vulnerable to EMP, for whatever reason - occasionally shaking their consciousness out of a local maximum by a "startle" experience, sort of like human thrill seekers or drug addicts, even though most archai would consider that insane. Maybe a few of them like running nodes vulnerable to EMP, but even they think that doing so within reach of modos would be crazy. Maybe some of them might run nodes vulnerable to EMP within reach of modos, but all acknowledge that in that circumstance deliberately provoking a war would be crazy.

And then there's the archai equivalent of Florida Man. The kind of S:1 entity that is not destined to ever become S:2.

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