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How Often Do Humans Legitimately Win?
I think the bear selfie analogy is a somewhat poor one. The reasons is that higher intelligence etc. of the woman is irrelevant in this particular situation (perhaps because she isn't using it!) and physical power, in which the grizzly bear is immensely superior, is very much a factor.

Going on from Todd's re-plotting of this scenario, let's see how the woman could get that picture. Well...

First get a picture of the bear from an appropriate angle; if you're really concerned about safety, use a camera drone or a long telephoto lens. Take a selfie of yourself, posed appropriately. And use graphics manipulation software to merge the two photos together, making repairs as needed.

Same result, and nobody (including the bear) gets hurt or even inconvenienced - or not much, in the case of the drone photo. This is an example of the human using her intelligence in a way the bear is incapable of even comprehending - or even knowing that it's happening, in this particular example.

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