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How Often Do Humans Legitimately Win?
When thinking of inter-toposophic conflicts, I tend to think of humans and animals as a comparison.

How often do humans get killed by, say, coyotes, in the state of North Dakota? That might be around the same rate that archai get soundly defeated by humans in OA civilization. That hasn't happened for a decade or two, I think.

"Killed" is pretty unlikely anyway, since there is probably a backup of any given archai that humans can't get at. But destroying its local consciousness and discombobulating it in a way that leaves it confused, takes a week or more to recover/reboot from (possibly much of it spent in lightspeed delay as the offsite backup gets read in), and left possibly missing some memories after it recovers? That's within the remoter regions of possibility.

One thing I consider possible (and I'm pretty sure there's widespread disagreement on this point) is that higher-toposophic entities may take risks with respect to modos, in certain ways, deliberately, for reasons we will never comprehend. You and I understand what was going on in the head of the late Ms. selfie-with-grizzly-bear the instant before she discovered that grizzly bears react really badly to flash photography. The bear OTOH, will never have a clue why she did what she did or what she was thinking when she just ambled up, set a hand on its back, and held up a selfie stick.

You and I can say she was being profoundly stupid, in that moment. But she was not a moron, as such. She was an articulate person who managed to graduate high school and was getting good marks in college, who had been warned not to mess with the bears, and she chose to do what she did. By any reasonable measure she was many times smarter than the bear and able to think in ways the bear was not able to think. But for motivations the bear will never understand, such as getting likes on Facebook, she wanted the selfie-with-bear photo and she took an insane risk.

I suppose that every so often, for reasons we will never comprehend, it's possible that an archai may take an insane risk - by archai standards - in dealing with us. What that looks like, I don't know. But I think I'd be willing to attribute that kind of deliberate but insane risk to almost every case of human killed by animal in the United States.

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