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How Often Do Humans Legitimately Win?
Agreed that there are reasons why this is done in show business and there are ways to sidestep the issue by adjusting the scale or tweaking your definition of 'win'.

What I have a harder time understanding is the extremely...visceral...reaction some people seem to have to OA's treatment of this, particularly since we are a setting, not a specific story or plot and because there doesn't seem to be a firm reason to actually believe in human unbeatability beyond it just makes them feel good.

Many years back now I remember reading another forum in which members were stating that OA's approach to this meant we weren't hard science (as if it is a law of physics that humans must win any conflict) and one in particular saying (in so many words and in tones of existential horror) that if humans could never win then existence is meaningless (exclamation point!).

And then of course there is the ongoing 'issue' of people trying to find ways of 'beating' the archai in a VS sense - because then I guess they've proven something in their mind?


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