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How Often Do Humans Legitimately Win?
This question can be sidestepped by keeping the stakes smaller

Or by ignoring the larger context
In some future where advanced aliens invaded earth... did the protagonist get home to their family after the climax battle with two alien drones, (because they’re too unimportant to kill with significant effort from the aliens?)

Replace the “aliens” with multinational corporations and you might have an easier time finding good examples?

Was the entire point of allowing a rebellion to happen actually just to flush out malcontents? So maybe the protagonists won the small weapons depot battle but two days after the book ends... they’re off to re-education. This might not be mentioned in anything more than anxious thoughts though.

Did the bounty hunter change the status quo of the cyberpunk dystopia overall? No. Maybe they found The Missing Child and returned it to their parents and helped them escape the dystopia, but didn’t in a straight fight.

Did some class action privacy lawsuit against Google or Facebook actually mean that the corporation loses the case? Yes. and the defendants win money or some privacy protections? Yes- but the company continues to exist and possibly continues to survive on a more “stable” legal playing field which say, might actually allow them to expand (with slightly less power) into more new markets. I don’t know if that actually happened but this seems like the level at which transapients would operate-

In OA , “winning” against an archai might be putting up a fight to not convert the entire star system into more computing power and instead spare some outer system planets for evacuation ... which would happen anyway.

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