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EG Redesign - Ideas and Suggestions?
(04-17-2021, 06:00 AM)sandcastles Wrote: After having posted all the links below, I tried clicking on the images for each and that produces a separate image which is far more legible--except it's still so small I have to magnify it a lot.   I hadn't thought of doing that at first.  It would be nice to have that instruction somewhere on the page.

So the comments below are for the images themselves, when I did not click on the image.

The intent really is that people click on the images to see them fully. Given that the images themselves come from multiple authors and were created over the last 20 years and we didn't/don't really have a hard set of editorial guidelines for images I'm not sure how much we can do about some of these issues.

Not saying we can't/won't do anything - literally saying I don't know. Will need to talk to Trond and possibly loop in Steve and the Editors to discuss this.

I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard to add something about clicking to see a larger image.

Re magnifying the images - I'm not sure what you mean here. I would think that this would partly depend on how large your screen is. There is also likely some limit on how big we can make the images when they are clicked and a factor of trying to find a 'workable medium' across multiple types of devices. Unless Trond set this up to some industry standard I'm not aware of (which is entirely possible).

Again, this is something we'll have to discuss.

What sort of device and browser are you using when viewing the images?


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