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EG Redesign - Ideas and Suggestions?
(04-16-2021, 09:44 PM)D rashner1 Wrote:
(04-15-2021, 11:47 AM)sandcastles Wrote: My only problem with it is the text in the images is often illegible.  Everything else is fine.

Can you please explain what you mean by this a bit more?

Are you saying a given image may include text within itself that is illegible or that the captions for images are often illegible?



A given image may include text which is illegible or partially illegible.  Even on full magnification the words in the image are often only partially legible.
I don't recall having trouble with any captions, only the lettering inside the image.

After having posted all the links below, I tried clicking on the images for each and that produces a separate image which is far more legible--except it's still so small I have to magnify it a lot.   I hadn't thought of doing that at first.  It would be nice to have that instruction somewhere on the page.

So the comments below are for the images themselves, when I did not click on the image.

Regions of Space
The names of the regions are blurry.  The ones in all caps are a little more legible, and magnifying the screen image helps a little.

Inner Sphere
This one is a little better, but still blurry.

The first image on this page is better.

Further down on this page is an image of the Milky Way galaxy  It's more legible.  On the upper left and lower right of the image are the words "Milky Way" and "Follow Sol."  Below those are words I could barely read at high magnification.

Terragen Sphere
These are difficult to read even at high magnification.

Homo Superior
This is more legible at higher magnification, but still blurry.

Very blurry, even at high magnification.

More readable, but still blurry at higher magnification.

At higher magnification the image becomes blurry and it's hard to distinguish features on the smaller individuals.

This doesn't have any text on the image, but I have a request.  I don't remember what the term is but if I hover the cursor over something in an image, a little infobox appears with information about that item in the picture.  The xkcd comic has that, and some instagram photos identify a person in the photo when you hover the cursor over the person.  We could have that to identify each of the individuals in the picture for the Biont article.

Serpens Region
The names are legible at the highest magnification of the monitor screen, but some of the names still aren't legible.  The names are in different colors, and I don't know what the different colors represent.

The pictures for the Norma, Perseus and Sagittarius Arm articles are easier to read.

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