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EG Redesign - Ideas and Suggestions?
So - Here are some ideas/suggestions for the EG redesign. Some are original to me, some have come up from other members over the years, sometimes repeatedly.

Random Article window or button on main EG screen

Replace EG main page buttons with image+text thumbs (images can be changed by the Editors when desired)

Article TOCs - either like Wikipedia (collapsible - displays in center of screen) or Britannica (on left side of screen)

Thumbnail/pop-up in-text links if possible

Make picture boxes mini-galleries able to display multiple images

Add ‘internal text boxes’ possibly able to cycle through multiple sub-articles

Table/database embedding (Glossary terms, portions of the timeline, etc.)

Links that jump to a specific location on a page rather than just to the top of the page

Possibly have in text hyperlinks open in a new tab or window rather than jumping to the new page

Just some thoughts,


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