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New and amended pages 25/6/2020
New Fiction by Remy Zins and Arik, new Snapshots for several articles, new pages, amended pages and new images.

25 June 2020 (Mendel 4, 51 A.T.)
New Fiction
Ocean Untamed by Remy Zins ::
New Traveller's Notes
Moltenceti by Arik ::
New Snapshots added to articles
Astrology :: Cryonic Suspension :: The Doran Empire :: Epsilon Indi :: Fine Arts :: House Stevens :: Interactive food :: Nebula :: Rianths :: Modern Space Warfare :: Sufants :: The Surreal Rash :: Europans :: Europa
New Articles
H'tat'sa'thoss :: Proxima (Proxima Centauri) System :: Society of the Metempsykosids :: Seven Marbles (TRAPPIST-1) System - Pre-Colonisation ::Benes (HD 17925) System
Updated Articles
Vangelis :: Caph (Beta Cassiopeiae) System :: Utility Fluid
New Images
Enhanced Dolphins :: Alpha Jupkai :: Remagar :: Synthetic Humans
I'll also post a list of the articles we are working on, which hopefully will also be announced shortly- probably some time in July.
So if you don't see your article on the Updates page it should be here - if it isn't let me know.

This article could be ready to go shortly
Stevocations - new article - on site, but not yet finished
Tengri - Kepler-9 - article not yet finished

These articles are quite close to being finished, but need more work
Great Ring of the Archsaur -not not yet on site (image ready, text half finished)
Duxed - article not yet on site (images ready, text half finished)
Rotating surface habitats - article not yet on site (images ready, text not started)
Gliese 570 - article not yet on site (images ready, text half finished
The World Garden - some images ready, needs more work and images
Nu Phoenicis - needs more work and images
Natural Biosphere planets - a gazetter by The Astronomer - text ready, but article not started
Eostrremonath - update in progress
Pandya -update in progress
Aladdin's lamps - text ready, image to make.

Any others?

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