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Asimov's Foundation TV series
Frankly I am skeptical but as always I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt
Hm. Interesting. I don't have Apple TV (and don't want it) so this is mainly of academic interest - but hopefully it will turn out well.

The Foundation Trilogy was one of the earliest SF series I ever read as a kid. I got it for Xmas one year. Smile May still have it somewhere...

Most of Foundation is just talk. The ideas are good, but the action is fairly flat. I think they could make it into an interesting series, especially if they fold the robots in from the beginning rather than adding them as an afterthought, like Asimov did.
We should also remember that the trailer says something like 'inspired by' or 'based on' Asimov's Foundation stories, which leaves the door wide open for them to go off in all sorts of directions (aka action scenes and blood) that Asimov never did.

I saw something online in passing about various groups looking to create the next Game of Thrones thing and this possibly being in that vein. I gather GoT was quite bloody but also had a lot of political intrigue thrown in. So I guess we'll see.


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