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Mnemosyne - a picture of Solar System in the 27th century
Hrm. To summarize, you requested that we take time out of our lives to review your non-OA setting and provide feedback.

When that feedback consists of raising questions or issues that we see (all of which were presented in a friendly 'trying to be helpful' manner with lots of qualifiers about it being your setting and you can do your own thing and such), your response consists almost entirely of some variant of 'how can you think that!' - essentially taking the position that your ideas are perfect and any issues we have are our problem and it is our responsibility to defend and justify our concerns to you before you feel any need to take them seriously. For added fun and games you do this with a tone and attitude that is rude, dismissive, and borderline insulting.

Do not attempt to post on this project or anything else non-OA related to this forum again.

If you do, I will ban you myself.

Whether or not you post anything about this project to the discord I will leave to Rynn to decide.

This thread is now locked.


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