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Larger images for the Topic pages in the EG?
We've been discussing making the OA site more image intensive, particularly in terms of the OA main page.

Perhaps we should consider extending this to the OA topic pages, particularly the 6 main Topics displayed on the EG main page? Each could have a large, hi-res image that relates to that topic (Technology, Galactography, History, Culture and Society, Sophonts, Science) and then the links to the various articles and other parts of the OA site and such. This would presumably require a bit of a redesign of at least those pages, but could provide even more of a visual component within the setting.

In principle, we might even consider extending this design to the other Topics within the EG, if we could come up with enough images. It might take some time, but if we go to a stylesheet model, perhaps we could shift from one design to another over time.



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