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My novel will be launched this Christmas
Hey this is pretty good premise
(08-07-2021, 12:45 AM)Travelers of the Internet Wrote: Hey this is pretty good premise


I now have a longer, more descriptive blurb for my Amazon page.

Project Heavenstorm

The first few chapters of the sequel are on another thread.

Devouring Angel
I have recently been playing around with some online art AIs to visualise characters from my first novel.  For the Humans, I have used Nightcafe with an anime filter.  For the Dragons, I have used Dream, with some of my own retouches on Gimp.

Vithan Varox - the hero.


Tilanna Tionomes - the heroine.


Olokuvon - Vithan's best friend.


Alathaka - Olokuvon's lover.


Gabrielle Gilson - the anti-hero.


I might work on the villains later.
Here are some more AI-generated characters.

Dahal Savithar - The Big Bad.


The Pinstriped Man - The Man Behind the Man.
(I added David Bowie and Matt Smith into the description box).


Squadron Leader Chirakila - The Ace of the villain's team.

I have added my 8 characters to Deviantart, with descriptions and explanations of varying length.

Vithan Varox

Tilanna Tionomes



Gabrielle Gilson

Dahal Savithar

The Pinstriped Man


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