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What music are you listening to right now?
Kalpataru Tree - Heartsong

Prem Joshua - Dakini

Solar Fields - Sol

Rabea Massaad, Ben Minal & Dave Hollingworth - 15 minute Jam behind the scenes
Us3 - I Got It Goin' On

Anoushka shankar - Beloved (Thievery Corporation )

Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Mama

Bahama Soul Club - Castelejo (Hommage à Victor Hugo)

Lokkhi Terra - Cubangla

Playing For Change - Reggae Got Soul feat. Taj Mahal, Toots Hibbert

Soothsayers - Dis & Dat, LIVE at the Jazz Café London

Bahama Soul Club - Troubles All Be Gone

John Zorn - Ode to the cathars
Kokolo - Mind Power

Etienne de la Sayette feat. RacecaR - Take a second

Da Lata feat. Luisa Maita - Um Amor A Mais

Bailame el Agua (Dedy Dread Remix)

Da Lata Feat. Diabel Cissokho ‎– N.Y.J

Etienne de la Sayette - Loulou

Da Lata - Mentality
Skalpel - Quicksilver

Vibrasphere - Breathing Place

Hallucinogen - Solstice 'Warwick Bassmonkey' Mix

The Floozies - Stuntin'

Infamous - Wobble Spook

Sunmonx - Kow Chow

Dirtwire - The Whip
Kid Loco - Bootleggers

Brian Auger - Bumpin' on Sunset - Live Oblivion Express (notice anything? Smile also be sure to check out the awesome solo after 3:30 )

The rest is a blast from the past, some heavy rotations back when I was on my later years of being a student

Ravi Shankar - Raga Basant Mukhari

Amon Tobin - Hey Blondie

Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Le Grand Saut (I loved the guitar solo so much it's the only jazz solo I've ever been able to sort of play on guitar)

Nils Petter Molvaer - Little Indian

Julien Lourau - Conrod

Erik Truffaz & Mounir Troudi - Flamingos

Amon Tobin - Chocolate Lovely

Nojazz - Jazz Attack (feat. Skratch Action Hiro)


Amon Tobin - Proper Hoodidge

Julien Lourau - Chain of Fools

NoJazz - El Primero
Amoraea Dreamseed - Merkaba Spin Resonance

Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul (Nordlight Remix)

Nordlight - Silk & Roses

Aurah - I Decree Peace

The Future Sound Of London - Point Of Departure

Zeb - Nafas

Degiheugi - Kolkata

Glen Porter - Hang Em High

The Future Sound Of London - Turn Around

The Bahama Soul Club - Troubles all be gone (feat. Taly)

The Future Sound of London - The Big Blue
"Izlel je Delyo Hagdutin" Valya Balkanska

"One of These Days" Pink Floyd

"Saturn - The Bringer of Old Age" Isao Tomita
"I'd much rather see you on my side, than scattered into... atoms." Ming the Merciless, Ruler of the Universe
Cool stuff!

This is a throwback to my high school years and slightly after, back when audio tapes and then compact discs were still a thing

Metallica - Bleeding Me

Audioslave - Show Me How to Live

Tryo - L'hymne de nos campagnes

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away

Pearl Jam- No Way

Incubus - Idiot Box

The Offspring - Gotta Get Away

Dream Theater - Peruvian Skies

Machine Head - Violate

Joe Satriani - House Full of Bullets

Swell - Throw the wine

The Offspring - Vultures

Alice In Chains - Rotten Apple

Slash's Snakepit - Neither Can I

Incubus - Echo

The Offspring - Dirty Magic

Tryo - J'ai rien prévu pour demain

Metallica - My Friend Of Misery

Audioslave- Bring 'Em Back Alive

Pearl Jam - Not For You

Dream Theater - Home

Machine Head - Bulldozer
Us3 - That's How We Do It

The Floozies - Arithemtic

Galactic - ..And I'm Out

Lack of Afro - Bad Ass Self

J Brave & Equanimous - Medicine (feat. Lily Fangz, Shylah Ray Sunshine & Teddy Roxpin)

Breakestra - Family Rap

Electro Deluxe - Let's Go To Work ft. Gaël Faye & James Copley

Rodney Hunter - You're Not Alone

Thievery Corporation - Culture Of Fear

Galactic - Tuff Love
Here's another song that sort of reminds me of my novel:

And here's two more by Nightwish:

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