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New and Amended pages 19/9/19
(09-28-2019, 08:20 AM)Maleum Wrote: I feel like there should be a list of the changes made to those pages under the amended pages section of these posts. for example, I can't ell the changes that were made to the technocalypse article

While I'm not against the idea in principle, in practice that could be tough to do. OA runs on volunteer labor and sometimes changes can take weeks or longer between the time a change is suggested and the time it is carried out (depending on the scope of the change). So this would likely involve the creation and maintenance of some sort of database that would then involve making sure all the editors were filling it out and such.

Probably the most direct way to get this information would be to check in the forum for the discussion thread that led to the page being amended. While there are some editor sub-forums that only we can see, 99% of the time any such discussion would take place on the public forum. If the thread isn't obviously easy to find, then feel free to post a question about its location to the forum and someone can track it down or let you know what was changed.

I suppose the Wayback Machine might be another option. I believe our Content Management System keeps some kind of backup record of the website, but accessing it requires our Webmaster so not something we can generally just take a look at AFAIK.

Any ideas on how we might implement this in a painless manner (assuming we were to decide to do it) would be welcome.


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