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Daytonht reporting in.
Found this place from TVTropes, but it was the Discord server that got me into registering. I'm hoping to be able to contribute a few revisions and articles to the Encyclopedia Galatica.
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Feel free to ask any questions or share any constructive ideas you may have about the EG and the OA setting in general.

Thanks. As for what I can bring, while I don't have much experience in sci-fi writing, I do have some science and engineering education, as well as experience in writing technical documents.
Nifty! I write training materials for a living myselfSmile

Speaking more generally, at any given time the membership of the OA project ranges from people with PHds to people who haven't finished high school yet - and everything in between. We found that nearly everyone can bring something to the table if they've a mind to.

In terms of sci-fi writing - as you've probably seen most of the OA setting is presented in the form of encyclopedia articles - which tends to impose a certain style that might actually feel somewhat familiar to you from your technical writing. But even if you had no writing experience that wouldn't be a problem. We have/have had lots of members in that situation. Those of us who have more writing experience either help coach the others with their writing or take on writing up their ideas in article format or the like. Also, we have a fair number of people who contribute ideas or other assistance to the project even if they don't write them up directly.

It all works out in the endSmile

Welcome! Look forward to seeing your work.

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