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Steve Bowers
Hello all,

This morning Steve Bowers informed me that he has a RL issue going on that will limit his availability on the forum for a while.

Steve is our chief Editor and handles getting most new EG articles loaded to the site and announcing rounds of updates on our What's New page.

In his absence I'm going to be working to fill in for Steve, but I could use your help.

Steve is going to send me an update on the various articles he has in process or finished and ready to announce. Once I have that I will post it here with an eye to finishing up those items in process or announcing those that are done on our What's New page. But if there is something that has somehow slipped through the cracks and is not mentioned on the list, please let me know so we can get it added and moving forward.

If you have been working with Steve on articles that are nearing completion, please let me know that as well so we can continue on those.


I'm still here, by the way, but my responses might be a bit shorter than usual.
Hope everything works out Steve
I'm certainly a lot better than I was, thanks.
All the best to Steve!

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