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I'm curious about your creations
(07-04-2019, 01:33 AM)Baleia espacial Wrote: Share some exotic life forms that you have created! (exotic life form= non water solvant/ non carbon based etc)

Well, let's see here...

Hildemar's Knots - Based on subatomic particle filaments within the interior of a neutron star.

The Magvivisystem Hyperpolity - a magmatter based ecosystem and sophont species created on a magmatter-based megastructure.

The Muuh - Possibly a borderline example - To quote from the EG: Their biochemistry is based on liquid hydrocarbons, in a methane-nitrogen atmosphere; it is one of the best known examples of methane-ethane based life.

Related - Here's a page on different xeno-biochemistries in the setting.

The Samaelians - Seem to have a rather exotic biochemistry.

The Menexenes - Live in the metallic hydrogen core of a gas giant.

Jade Chime Singers - May or may not employ carbon but definitely not water. Live in chlorine rich environments.

Angel Hair - Lifeform from a gas giant. May or may not use carbon.

Rheolithoids - A silicon based lifeform.

Conchsquid - Possibly a borderline case since it's not clear what liquids it uses. But feeds off magnetic fields.

Ndiangu Mme Anwu System - A rather extreme use of carbon, but not water.

There may be others I'm not remembering right now - but this should give you a good start.


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