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Space Engine
Hey just got Space Engine from Steam. Looks like a very cool universe sandbox game. Anyone else played it yet?
I've tried the older version. The colors are too vivid for my liking, it bugs on my computer, and I don't know how to mod it, so I reverted to Celestia.
I get all of my screenshots from Space Engine and I probably enjoy making new solar systems a bit too much, but I haven't tried the newest version.
I use Space engine a lot, but mostly for space backgrounds, since it makes much nicer starscapes than Celestia. However the new version Celestia Origin is almost as good.
Space Engine is especially good at making asteroids and small moons.

I'll use Space Engine to make a planet quickly, but the gas giants and earth-like planets are not anything like as good as the ones we can make in Celestia using textures and Gimp. Sometimes I'll find a planet in Space Engine, then attempt to replicate it in Celestia, and quite often it will look better.

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