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OA Site Redesign - Call for Images + Header Suggestions
(12-27-2019, 11:54 PM)stevebowers Wrote: Have you placed it in the CMS 'Large Images' folder?

Not yet - no. Arik sent me the image directly as an attachment since the forum couldn't really accommodate it.

I'll load it to the Large Images folder later and also see about putting it up on the new website to see what we think of it.

Due to Trond's excellent work, it is now possible for the Editors to add or remove images from the new front page more or less at will (subject to size and end user experience conditions of course). Once the new site design is up and running this should allow us to periodically change out images for various reasons. For example we might:

a) Change out the images in the cycle once a year or every quarter just to change up the look of the site.

b) Add/swap in images on a rolling basis when images we particularly like are created. Basically another part of our normal process of updating the site.

c) Plug images into the cycle that promote OA projects or partnerships.



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