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OA Site Redesign - Call for Images + Header Suggestions
Just to add a bit of clarification here:

The current plan is for the redesigned homepage to employ a widget that will cycle thru three different background/primary images. The goal is also to have the capability to periodically swap out images, although whether this will be doable via the Content Management System or require direct intervention by Trond (our Webmaster) is not yet nailed down.

The main point being that we do not need to come up with 'The Image ™' for the redesigned homepage, but rather a series of images that meet the size guidelines sent out earlier. And whatever first three images we use need not be the last word on the subject.

Speaking now from my personal preference - I like the images presented so far, but would honestly prefer something that is representative of specific aspects of life in OA in Y11k. Spacecraft, worlds, megastructures, etc. that give a new person a feeling of 'Wow! That's a cool image - what is this place? I want to check it out' rather than more abstract or symbolic images. That's just me however, and as stated the plan is that there be more than one image presented on the homepage and that the images should be replaced with new ones from time to time. So plenty of room for both very realistic and very symbolic/abstract and everything in between in the long run.

Hope this helps,

Oh I know these would be just some of many images that would cycle through. I'd just wanted to make these anyway for the homepage &elsewhere for a while. I'll probably make those changes and others following the spacecraft suggestions tonight
quick edit

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What’s this?
Oh that was just an edited image Todd asked for to post on the OA site
Have you placed it in the CMS 'Large Images' folder?
(12-27-2019, 12:03 PM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: Oh that was just an edited image Todd asked for to post on the OA site

Got it
(12-27-2019, 11:54 PM)stevebowers Wrote: Have you placed it in the CMS 'Large Images' folder?

Not yet - no. Arik sent me the image directly as an attachment since the forum couldn't really accommodate it.

I'll load it to the Large Images folder later and also see about putting it up on the new website to see what we think of it.

Due to Trond's excellent work, it is now possible for the Editors to add or remove images from the new front page more or less at will (subject to size and end user experience conditions of course). Once the new site design is up and running this should allow us to periodically change out images for various reasons. For example we might:

a) Change out the images in the cycle once a year or every quarter just to change up the look of the site.

b) Add/swap in images on a rolling basis when images we particularly like are created. Basically another part of our normal process of updating the site.

c) Plug images into the cycle that promote OA projects or partnerships.


just bumping this up, in case any of the background images in this thread are still good for the homepage (I can adjust sizes)

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