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Videos (YouTube or Other) as part of EG pages
My partner just got the digital edition of National Geographic magazine. It includes all the content of every issue of NG since the magazine was founded, but also a number of features that a paper publication cannot such as hyperlinks, 'blow up' diagrams and graphics that expand when you click on them for easier reading, and short videos (some with audio some without) that begin or expand upon the textual article.

This leads me to wonder if we could include something like these in selected EG entries.

I know we have some YouTube videos in part of the website illustrating various OA concepts and worlds. Perhaps we could move/copy these to the relevant EG pages and also see about adding similar videos to other EG articles when possible. These could work to supplement or add another level to the EG entries so enhanced.



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Videos (YouTube or Other) as part of EG pages - by Drashner1 - 08-18-2013, 08:23 AM

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