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Looking for literature about plants xenobiology
(02-22-2019, 04:28 PM)TerryLewis Wrote: Basically, all the materials I've come across too have been mentioned by the admin. I strongly recommend Robert Freitas' book as well. Here're some more resources that I found quite informative.  One of them is Speculative Evolution. It's a place where people collected materials on xenobiology over the past decade. Worldbuilding section on Stackexchange has a lot of trash, but I pop up there from time to time.

Hiya - Welcome to OA!

I'm not sure if you were trying to include a link to the Speculative Evolution resource, but if so it looks like the forum didn't pick it up for some reason. If you could repost it, that would be greatSmile

Freitas' book keeps popping up when these sorts of discussions (As well as megastructure discussions) come up. We should probably add the link to it to our Links and Extras page if it's not there already and/or add it to the Additional Information section of the relevant EG pages.

I've got some other editing stuff I'm going to try to get done this weekend. Will try to remember this as part of that.


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