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Hi, I found this project on TVTropes and have been following it for several years now, and I figured it's about time I joined the forums. I just have two very minor questions that have been bugging me:

1. Regarding the recently updated article on "hyperfog", it says that some kinds of hyperfog replicate using atmospheric resources like carbon dioxide (and powered by sunlight). Which I take to mean that it breaks down the CO2 and uses the carbon to make diamondoid which forms the foglets? Here's the thing; wouldn't hyperfog made of diamondoid constitute a fuel air explosive? Doesn't sound like a very stable thing for a transap to make its hyperfog out of. Wouldn't a better choice be corundum (aluminium oxide)? Which unfortunately isn't quite as common as carbon.

2. How exactly do you pronounce "Archailect"? I don't think I've seen any hints or guides on how it's pronounced. My first guess is "ark-ay-eye-lect", but I hope it's not that... because that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

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