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Greetings and NoLWoCS questions
Greetings and welcome to OA!
John Dollan does occasionally pop into the OA forum, and I can pass your regards along to him even if he doesn't. I agree, the Planetary Classification List is a work of art, and any errors I have made in transcribing it into OA are mine, not his. I'll get these errors fixed in a few days.

One problem is that the mass classes are separate to the classes and types that are defined by temperature and composition, so that you can have superterrestrial LithicGelidian planets, terrestrial LithicGelidians and LithicGelidian planetoids, all with similar compositions but with very different mass and surface gravity. We could call them all by different names, or simply add a descriptive modifier in each case. I prefer the second option.

Of course there aren't any superterrestrial LithicGelidian worlds in our system, so we don't really know what they would be like - but they would almost certainly have significantly denser atmospheres than Pluto, and some interesting effects could occur on the surface of such a world.

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