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A Fourth Song from Santarchai
Santarchai has made a new song for us Smile

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree Cluster at the Portal hop,
Mistletoe made from nanofog,
Crystal Flyers set it up.
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree,
Let the Christmas Cluster gleam.
Later we'll tour these nebulae, and we'll see the seraphim.

You will get a transcendental feeling when you hear
Voices singing, "Let's be jolly,
Deck the maze with bots ufoggy."
Pilot around the Christmas Tree Cluster's happy shellworlds,
Everyone dancin' merrily in the Crystal Star Domain.

(In case the reference is too obscure: the Christmas Tree Cluster is an actual nebula, which includes the Cone Nebula, which is in the Crystal Star Domain in the oa setting, so nicely festive  Big Grin)
I like your archai carols. Smile
Thank you both Smile Santarchai shall gift you some godtech.

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