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Future inventions point system game I'm creating
Im making a game where each future invention equals 5 points 
+5 James Webb Space Telescope
+10 Quantum computer
+15 Fusion reactor
+20 Fusion rocket

Can somebody help me think of inventions for +25 to +100? Thanks!!!
Two things here:

First, it's not really clear what you're asking for, what kind of game this is supposed to be, or much else about it - which would make if difficult for anyone to offer up any ideas since the ones you have listed so far seem rather arbitrary and random.

Second, I note that you have a total of two posts to the OA forum. Out of curiosity, I checked your past posts and discovered that your only other contribution to the conversation here was a similar request for our members to spend their time and energy (and our forums resources) helping you with a project. Those wishing to see that post and the response from 'The Management' (meaning me) can look HERE.

Your post here seems to pretty much be in the same vein as the last one, which is to say you seem to simply be trying to exploit us for the purposes of your project. Further, your total lack of any other posts, including even the basic courtesies of introducing yourself to the project or contacting OA management to request permission to solicit help for your project before posting, gives the very strong impression that you have no interest in the OA project and its members beyond what you can potentially get out of us. Which more or less makes you nothing more than another kind of spambot.

Putting this all together:

If you attempt another post to this forum that is nothing more than an attempt to solicit people to help you with some project, you will be banned.

Consider this your first, last, and only warning.


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