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Discovered OA a few days ago, amazed and happy!
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Reading over your writings, I agree with Rynn that there are various ways that it could be worked into OA, while still maintaining OA Canon.

The two simplest ways (IMHO) would either be:

1) the world and its inhabitants are a very early colony that used gengineering applied across thousands of years to create the sort of place you describe.

2) the world and its inhabitants are the creation of a transapient or archailect that decided to set things up as you describe for reasons of its own.

Either of these could address the two main issues I see with your descriptions as they relate to OA Canon and structure:

a) The humanoid form of the natives - see our Canon and policy in this area.

b) The multiple different races living on the planet - having multiple sophont races evolve on a planet all at the same time might or might not be a point of contention. I've seen arguments in both directions on this. Something for the group to discuss.

On a somewhat different note - you mention that you haven't encountered a lot of realistic SF. Depending on how you're defining 'realistic', there's actually a good bit of it out there, but a lot of it is older and harder to find these days and much of the rest is either set in the near future or not done by big name authors - or both. You're more likely to come across it doing a crawl through a book and mortar book store than Amazon or the like and so it can be harder to find.

If you're interested, and depending on what sort of SF you're looking for, I might be able to recommend some good hard SF and/or transhuman/Singularity fiction you would like.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OASmile


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