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Discovered OA a few days ago, amazed and happy!
Hey! I'm new here. I was amazed when I discovered Orion's Arm because it's pretty much what I've always wanted from sci fi... I like sci fi quite a lot but I've always been annoyed at how unrealistic it often is. I am Singularitarian and I have always missed such themes in science fiction - OA seems to be the most perfect manifestation of it I've ever found.

I actually have a sci fi world I've been worldbuilding, mostly in my head, for a long time - a single planet called Pantellia with biology and structure reminiscent of Earth's but very different, but which is completely compatible with real science as far as I am aware - I know there isn't much in OA about details of individual worlds, but perhaps I will be able to modify Pantellia to fit into Orion's Arm, who knows?

At the very least, I think I have the skills necessary to come up with some very interesting contributions in future... we shall see. Smile

Oh by the way, I also am an abstract digital artist and a musician - I make dark ambient / noise music and just recently published an album inspired by space called Cosmos - so if anyone wants (abstract) art or music for the OA universe I may be able to help! Big Grin

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Discovered OA a few days ago, amazed and happy! - by syzithryx - 08-11-2017, 05:30 AM

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