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Dawn of Victory 2289
I recently found this sci-fi/alternate history setting where an alien virus wrecks havoc in the 1930's, forcing a major geopolitical change in the world before aliens attack in the 40's.  Then we get to see these four 'superpowers' and smaller nations establish colonies across the Orion Arm.   It's an interesting concept that might show you what could happen if retro-historical habitats become independent cultures. 

Check it out for yourselves:
My opinion is that the factions are first half of 20th century but ... In space.
(04-30-2017, 09:26 PM)Avengium Wrote: My opinion is that the factions are first half of 20th century but ... In space.
I thought so too, but there was some tweaking it.  For example, the Greater German Reich got rid of all of that racist/Nazi ideology, while the Soviet Union considers the Communist Chinese as their equals.
So, any more thoughts?
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Anyone else here have any thoughts on this setting?

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