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Appleseed by Masamune Shirow
Are there any other fans of Appleseed on the site. It seems it would have many elements that would attract OA contributors; Cyborgs, Arcologies, genetically engineered humans. It even has a super computer called Gaia.

Shirow is probably better known for his other work, Ghost in the Shell. But I think Appleseed is the superior work.

*Edit: I thought I would update my previous post with links to some of Shirow's beautiful art.



I've got the manga's and anime.
(04-10-2017, 06:23 PM)terranova210486 Wrote: I've got the manga's and anime.

I've seen a few of the anime. I don't think they match the manga for sheer number of ideas per scene.
What impresses me about Shirow's work is how well most of it has aged. SF as a genre tends to age badly, for obvious reasons. Ghost in the Shell is 28, and Appleseed is 32 this year. Besides a few small details here and there, it all still feels futuristic.

I wish he was still making good stuff. For the last twenty years he's been devoting himself to making really creepy erotic art.
I think is ages so well because of the number of ideas he fitted into each book. The characters would talk easily about economics, mechanical engineering or particle physics.

I agree, it's said he isn't producing SF anymore. I accidentally came across Hypernotes a few weeks ago and thought he had published a new book. I was disappointed to read it and realize it was only an outline for a book.

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