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Is there any way to see a previous version of a article? Especially one that has undergone a major edit?
Welcome to the forums! There's no functionality for that no, though you'll be able to find discussions on the forums as any edit requires the same amount of review and discussion as a new article. Is there any article in particular you are interested in?
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  1. DNI
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  3. A dormbot, because domestic chores suck!
You can use the Internet Archive for that- I do use it myself for that purpose very often, especially when I try to retrieve ideas and data from the earlier versions of the project. Sometimes there are very good ideas and interesting data that gets lost when articles are updated - not all of these ideas are compatible with the latest version of the site, but some of them can be used elsewhere.

For instance here is Hermes, a planet in the Beta Canum Venaticorum system; Anders Sandberg first wrote this world into the Tau Ceti system, but since that time several real-life planets were discovered around Tau Ceti, which preclude the existence of such a world. I moved it to the BCV system so that we wouldn't lose it altogether.

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