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Rarity of drives based on void bubbles?
I'm wondering if some of the values should be changed in the article "Propulsion Performance Statistics" at 

Unless I'm misremembering, in some discussions it has been mentioned that Halo Drives are "extremely rare".

However, the article claims that about 4% of Inner Sphere ships use a Displacement Drive, 6% use a Halo Drive, and 1% are Voidships.

Perhaps it's just a matter of viewpoint, but those values really don't seem particularly "rare" to me.

To me, "very rare" would be more like 1/10000 or even fewer, not 1/17 (6%).

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I can certainly see flipping the percentages on Displacement Drives and Halo Drives - there should be more Displacement than Halo drives almost any way you slice it.

However, for the more general point, I think that raises various questions:

a) Are these numbers referring to total drives across all S-levels? Or just those used by modosophonts?  Given that the Inner Sphere is described as being home to the capital systems/centers of power of most of the Sephirotic empires we might expect that a lot of godtech vessels might be found there, which might impact these numbers even if they aren't accessible to modos.

b) About how many ships in toto does Terragen civ have flying around? We have a number of 'several hundred trillion' for sentient ships on this page. But it doesn't specify how many non-sentient ships are around, nor what kind they are (interstellar, interplanetary, inter-orbital, ground-to-orbit, whatever). 

Putting this all together, I'm not overly averse to updating the numbers on this page - but rather than just picking numbers that feel 'more plausible' out of the air, I'm thinking we should try to at least figure out a rough framework to act as a basis for the numbers we come up with.



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