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Upcoming Forum Maintenance
Seems the problems lay fairly deep - when this forum was put together, a bunch of customizations were made that make its existing templates incompatible with current MyBB. During the update it appears to have attempted to update the templates for the new version, but where these customizations were made, this attempt mostly just made a mess. Worse, our old theme appears to have relied on a whole pile of default bits that have now changed - stuff like menu items in the header once being generated as raw links now being generated as list items.

I've gone through and fixed the bits I could find, but the only real solution to this is for us to throw away the old theme and build something similar off MyBB's new defaults.

I don't see much point in doing this now, though, unless people are having troubles working with this as it is.

If you see stuff not behaving, post here so I can take a look.
Sounds like a frustrating problem. I can't say I like the new appearance, it seems more cluttered and hard to read (and with things like the unnecessary "buddy list" system or blank avatars it seems half broken). Thanks for your work Trond.
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Those could be fixable, but I'm not clear on the symptoms. Are you saying the buddy list link on the top is extraneous, or that something within the buddy list itself is extraneous?

One of the symptoms I've seen elsewhere is that the auto-updated templates had a lot of duplicated code in them - on the forum view page, for example, avatars, post titles, and other details were all duplicated. So, I wouldn't be surprised if this is happening elsewhere.
So, I've uploaded a completely fresh theme. It's similar to the old one, and I've touched it up a little to add our logo to the header.

Benefits to this version:
- it's completely compatible with version 1.8.10 of MyBB (which our old theme was not
- it looks fairly similar to what we're all used to.

Note - the old theme is still present, and you can always switch to it to it manually using your user settings. I'm going to the leave the new one enabled for a while to see what people think

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