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Found an existing OA article that is a Red Dwarf parady
Just to double check, this OA article is a parady of Red Dwarf, correct?

Tells the story of an S2 sentient ship, the Arcturus, a relativistic freighter in an uncharted region of the Outer Volumes, carrying a supply of nanomodules and SCMs (Santa Clause Machines), and eir crew of four bumbling but lovable SI:<1 sophonts, a vec, a splice, a virtual, and one of the galaxy's last remaining pure baseline humans, and the various adventures they have along the way.
I suppose it's possible, although I'm really not sure. I joined the project after this article was written and my familiarity with Red Dwarf barely extends beyond being aware that a show of that name exists.

In the earliest days of the project (which this definitely dates from), a number of articles were created that were homages to or inspired by other SF franchises or settings (can you find the others? Wink ). This could have been one of them.

I'm not aware of any articles that were ever created with the deliberate intent to parody another setting. The closest we've ever come to that is the Glarion - The Glorious Conqueror article which is at least partly intended as a parody of the 'Humans Are Superior' trope.

I tend to think this article has is a Red Dwarf homage as well
Since it is far from an exact rip-off, this seems perfectly innocent to me.
Another way to look at it is that Red Dwarf may represent a persistent trope in fiction, even in the far future. Just as the story of the Seven Samurai has been reinterpreted in many different forms over time (Magnificent Seven, Battle Beyond the Stars), so might a ship's crew of four with a group of representative clades might also become a common theme.
Maybe is the trope:
But with multi clades instead. Wink
I have a very hard time seeing Holly being higher than S:1.

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