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(03-25-2017, 10:25 PM)selden Wrote: As with any franchise, you might try describing one of their ideas without including any information specific to that particular "universe".

Agreed. Simply talking in terms of 'Farscape elements' doesn't really tell us what you have in mind or why we should want to include it.

There's also the issue that OA aims to be its own setting and franchise, and so we are generally not going to jump on board to the idea of simply pulling lots of ideas from other settings and adding them in without very good reason. While it's true that SF as a whole is a rather 'incestuous' genre, with lots of core ideas existing across multiple settings and while it's true that it can sometimes be fun to look at some piece of tech or other element from another setting and try to figure out how it might work in OA, what you're describing rather comes across as 'Farscape is cool, so what concepts can we pull from it and incorporate into OA?' Which is not really the same thing and not really what we're on about here.

Or to put it another way: Why would we want to incorporate elements from Farscape into OA in the first place?

Beyond that, I would point out that our earlier discussion on this ended with me providing a good sized list of elements that could be considered when creating a bioship in OA, using OA technology. OA does have bioships and extensive biotechnology after all. It would be a fairly straightforward procedure to start from my list, explore the EG for the relevant technologies and systems, and start a design proposal discussion about a bioship using such tech/system or how a bioship might produce biological equivalents to such tech/systems.

So, if this is an area that interests you, my suggestion would be that you start doing just that and present the group with the start of a design idea for an OA bioship. If people are interested at that point, the discussion will grow from there.


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