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Tranquillity Calendar Converter Tool
It will always be approximate, but this is the sort of situation where the "first light" metric can provide a baseline for calculating time. One can refer to "first light" dates in the above scenario and be within a few minutes of correct for measuring relative to the timeframe of any locations with "low" relative velocity.

When the light emitted from Sol on 1 Archimedes AT 0 arrives at a place, minus the number of light years distance it is from sol, is the "zero" date for the first-light metric. So we could talk about a "standard" time, although technically it would always be time relative to Sol.

A weird little thing with it though, would be that systems depending on their velocity relative to Sol would need to adjust their clocks every so often to stay on the first-light metric. In practice this should never amount to more than the "leap second" adjustment we add to some years due to days getting steadily longer (because of tidal energy transferring energy to the orbit of the moon) since seconds were standardized.

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