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Tranquillity Calendar Converter Tool
God damn it I don't think I'll be able to get to sleep until I've worked this out properly...
  • Alpha system is 50 light years away from Beta and 50 light years away from Gamma.
  • At some point in the past Alpha made a wormhole pair and sent one to Beta at 0.6c
  • The wormhole took 83.33 years to arrive. Due to time dilation from the perspective of the linelayer (and Alphans looking through their wormhole) the journey took just 66.66 years.
  • Travelling through the wormhole from Alpha to Beta puts a traveller 16.66 years into the future from the reference frame of Alpha but causality is preserved because they are 33.33 years out of their future light cone.
  • At some other point in the past Gamma made a wormhole pair and sent one to Alpha at 0.6c. Entering the AG wormhole would take an Alphan 16.66 years into their past, but again 33.33 light years outside of their historic light cone.
  • A Betan travelling through both wormholes (BA-AG) would arrive at Gamma 33.33 years in their past. To preserve causality Gamma and Beta must be >33.33 light years away. For the purpose of this thought experiment we'll assume they're a negligible distance above 33.33ly distant.
  • Bob and Alice start in Alpha on the 1st of Archimedes, 9000a.t. Bob takes AG to Gamma and Alice takes AB to Beta.
  • Upon arrival they both immediately set out in a spacecraft towards each other, each travelling at 0.6c relative to Alpha/Beta/Gamma.
  • From the perspective of Claire (many decades later) watching from Alpha by telescope Bob exits his wormhole first, 16.66 years before he left Alpha.
  • Claire observes Alice exiting her wormhole 16.66 years after she left Alpha.
  • By the time Alice exists her wormhole Bob has travelled 20ly. Due to time dilation he measures this as 16 years.
  • When Alice leaves Beta her and Bob are 13.33ly apart.
  • It takes 11.1 years (as measured by Claire) for the pair to finally meet.
  • For Alice 8.88 years have passed. Her calendar shows it to be some date in the month of Kepler, 9008a.t.
  • For Bob 25.33 years have passed. His calendar shows it to be some date in the month of Darwin, 9025a.t.
  • For Claire, observing this as the light comes in, 27.76 years have passed since Alice and Bob left. Her calendar shows it to be some date in the month of Imhotep, 9027a.t.

Right then. That should all be correct. Bed time.

P.s. If we have to do this again I vote the distances between alpha and the other systems be changed to 60ly. It makes the maths a lot easier, nice round numbers.
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