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Tranquillity Calendar Converter Tool
The problem I'm seeing with all this is that it seems to assume an absolute reference frame from which it is possible to say that one has move 10 years into the 'past' or the 'future' (in relation to what?). But my understanding is that this is not how relativity or the universe works.

Also, it feels like you're ignoring the frame of reference of both Beta and Gamma, within whose reference frames it took 50+ years (83+years actually) for the ships carrying the wormholes to get there. Also, it would take 66.67 years from the frame of reference of the ship(s) to travel 50 light-years at .6c, not including accel/decel time (which may or may not be ignorable for the purposes of this thought experiment).

On a related note- this page HERE might help with any calculations.

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