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Stand at Carpo (Revised)
(12-07-2016, 01:49 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: I'd suggest that we worry about footnotes and such later.

As a starting point, I think a bit of the 'introductory text from a fictional book' would be a good starting point for the story.

To get that started, could you give me a short summary of the background of this story? Specifically, who are the major players? Why are they having a war? You mention 'rebels' at some points in the story, but it's not clear who they are or what they are rebelling against. Also, it appears that your main characters and forces have some kind of Russian background - how did that come about in the Jupiter system?

This doesn't need to be formally written up, just a quick explanation in your own words about this background info. That will help me get an idea of what is going on here and I can then offer suggestions for the intro piece and other bits.



Oh. Right. Well, I suppose I could that add that in. I may need to speak with Thewolvesden, though (aka: Andreas.martonosy), a friend of mine who helped in both the original and the revision.
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