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Transapients Dominating the Setting - Looking for Articles
Hey all,

From our discussions HERE, I've set myself a number of projects for next year, including modifying the EG so as to tone down the sense that transapients are everywhere and control/dominate everything.

I have a number of thoughts on that, some based on what was discussed in the thread above, some still just rattling around in my own head.

One of these involves adjusting the wording on various articles either about transapients or that include mention of transapients to make it clearer that they are rare, have their own things that they spend time on, etc. I have some articles already in mind for adjustment, but also suspect there are a number that I've either forgotten about or haven't thought of because I'm so used to the current way that OA is structured. With that in mind...

Could anyone so inclined please use this thread to post links to EG articles or site pages that you feel contribute to the impression of transapient omni-presence and omni-control or to modosophont insignificance?

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above as well, please feel free to post em here too.



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