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Suggestion: "Did You Know" Box
I think the basic idea is a good oneSmile

I do see a couple of minor issues/concerns that we would need to figure out to make this workable:

a) Developing the functionality to automate this and setting it up. This would be a Trond question and depend on what time and capacity he has to make it happen. As it happens, he and I are going to try to touch base on resuming the ongoing site redesign sometime in November. There are a number of items on that particular 'to do' list that are ahead of this one, but I can certainly ask him about the possibility of adding this to the pile.

In the immediate term, we could set this up as a manually controlled feature that we change out 'by hand' on some regular basis.

b) I am a bit concerned about trying to do multiple numbers of these in a day, even if automating the process were already a done deal. 10 or so a day is a lot of entries and links, both to set up and then to maintain. It would be moderately embarrassing if we started this kind of thing and then couldn't keep it going. So my thought is that at least initially we limit this to one posting a day and see how it goes. If we find that we are generating so many of these that displaying more than one a day seems doable we can certainly scale things up. Same goes for if we find ourselves able to automate this in some fashion fairly readily.

My 2c worth,


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