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 Question About tech/computronium
I think what's being asked here is how small a package an archailect could fit a superbright/superturing into rather than how big a processor would be needed.

Assuming that it is the case, please see my answer below...

(10-17-2016, 11:53 PM)Qualitum Dragon Wrote: So i'm writing a story, and i'm not sure about what kind of computronium certain brains would use...

So let's say one of the really powerful archai wants to create the fastest brain possible and it has to be below the first singularity. Basically, if a major god decides that it wants to create the smartest, fastest superbright/superturing it can without making the thing massive, plus keeping it below the first singularity level, what kind of computronium/tech would be used?

It would somewhat depend on the environment the created mind was expected to operate in. Currently we have S4 and higher minds able to make 'plasma processors' that make use of superhot plasma to perform computation. This is very fast, but tends to be a bit hard on the local environment (unless that environment is the inside of a star) unless shielding of some kind is used. Similarly, we've indicated that the archai can make some kind of processor using ultra dense matter (magmatter), but this would generally operate at temperatures and energies where gamma rays would be the waste output - bring your sunblock 7 zillion :p.

If we're talking a human comfortable environment (more or less) than the entity would probably run on something like an advanced form of Ultimate Chip.

Note that a single UC is about 488 times as powerful as a human level mind in the setting (and about the size of a postage stamp). So an array of 32 or so Ultimate Chips could run a First Singularity mind.

S1 minds are about 15,000x as powerful as a human level mind. We've never really quantified how powerful a superturing/superbright mind is in comparison to a baseline human, but usually talk in terms of a superbright being something like a Leonardo da Vinci combined with all the abilities of an idiot savant with none of the limitations. The page on Superior Genemods also gives some indications.

In a nutshell, while superbrights/superturings are certainly smarter than a baseline human, they aren't going to be thousands, or even hundreds of times smarter, most likely.

So you could probably run your characters mind on a single Ultimate Chip (1cm x 1cm x 1mm) with capacity to spare - or make them a heavily augmented character on top of their 'superbright/superturing' level of intelligence.

(10-17-2016, 11:53 PM)Qualitum Dragon Wrote: I was sort of confused, the site says that those of a lower toposcopic level cannot use/understand tech created by a higher toposcopic entity, that part i get. But if a S6 or S5 archialect wants to give/teach a lower entity how to install their technology into their brains to be smarter, is it possible?

While the tech of a given S-level is not generally operable by a lower S-level, it is possible for the higher S-level mind to create specialized devices that the lower S can operate, even if they don't understand how they work.

It is also possible for a transapient or archai (or even a modosophont) to make a device that can just operate itself to take care of the whole implantation/installation thing. Something like telling the lower S user 'put this under your tongue and suck on it until it dissolves'. This introduces transapientech constructors into their system which proceed to construct the necessary device inside them by scavenging materials out of their bloodstream or the like. They aren't really 'installing it' but it's taking care of taht job for them.

(10-17-2016, 11:53 PM)Qualitum Dragon Wrote: I ask this question because in the story i'm making one of the characters is a Proxav for Farview, and i'm not sure about how it would function...

I look forward to reading itSmile

Hope this helps,


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