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 Question About tech/computronium
So i'm writing a story, and i'm not sure about what kind of computronium certain brains would use...

So let's say one of the really powerful archai wants to create the fastest brain possible and it has to be below the first singularity. Basically, if a major god decides that it wants to create the smartest, fastest superbright/superturing it can without making the thing massive, plus keeping it below the first singularity level, what kind of computronium/tech would be used?

I was sort of confused, the site says that those of a lower toposcopic level cannot use/understand tech created by a higher toposcopic entity, that part i get. But if a S6 or S5 archialect wants to give/teach a lower entity how to install their technology into their brains to be smarter, is it possible?

I ask this question because in the story i'm making one of the characters is a Proxav for Farview, and i'm not sure about how it would function...

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